Transcripts from The State of Texas v.
Darlie Lynn Routier

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  • Pretrial hearings

Vol 03 – Bond Hearing 7.5.96: Court rules that bond would remain at a total of $1 million.

Vol 04 – Bond Hearing 8.26.96: Testimony from medical examiner Janice Townsend-Parchman; Ofc. David Waddell (first police officer at the scene); Darin Routier; and Det. Jimmy Ray Patterson (Rowlett P.D.’s lead detective).

Vol 05 – Bond Hearing 8.27.96: Testimony of Det. Patterson (cont’d); Charles Linch (trace evidence analyst); Darin Routier (recalled).

Vol 06 – Bond Hearing 8.28.96: Bail denied.

Vol 07 – Pretrial Motions 9.12.96: Court moves the trial from Dallas County.

Vol 08 – Gag Order Hearing 9.20.96: Attorney Doug Mulder represents Darin Routier and Darlie’s mother at a hearing on potential violations of the court’s gag order.

  • Trial testimony

Vol 28 – Opening Statements – Dr. Joni McClain – Dr, Janis Townsend-Parchman – Bill Gorsuch: After 20 volumes of jury selection transcripts in October and November 1996, opening statements were made and testimony began on January 6, 1997. The first three witnesses were medical examiners Joni McClain and Janis Townsend-Parchman, and neighbor Bill Gorsuch.

Vol 29 – Ofc. David Waddell – Lt. Matt Walling: Testimony of Officer David Waddell (first officer on the scene) and Lt. Matt Walling (second officer on the scene).

Vol 30 – Walling (cont’d) – Sgt. Dean Poos – Barry Dickey – Dr. Alejandro Santos: Testimony of Lt. Walling (cont’d); Sgt. Dean Poos (911 tape); Barry Dickey (911 audio enhancement); and Dr. Alejandro Santos (ER surgeon).

Vol 31 – Dr. Patrick Dillawn – Jody Fitts – Christopher Wielgosz – Phyllis Jackson – Jody Cotner – Dianne Hollon – Paige Campbell: Testimony of Dr. Patrick Dillawn (ER resident physician); Jody Fitts (ER nurse); Christopher Wielgosz (ER nurse); Phyllis Jackson (hospital police officer); Jody Cotner (hospital trauma coordinator); Dianne Hollon (ICU nurse); and Paige Campbell (ICU nurse).

Vol 32 – Denise Faulk – Sgt. Tom Ward – Gustavo Guzman – Ofc. Steve Wade – Ofc. Steve Ferrie – Jack Kolbye – Bryan Koschak – Larry Byford: Testimony of Denise Faulk (hospital nurse); Sgt. Thomas Ward (Rowlett PD, who found the blood-stained sock down the alley); Gustavo Guzman (neighbor); Ofc. Steve Wade (relieved Ofc. Waddell to guard front door); Ofc. Steve Ferrie (relieved Ofc. Wade in guarding front door); Jack Kolbye (first paramedic in the house); Bryan Koschak (second paramedic in the house); and Larry Byford (paramedic).

Vol 33 – Ofc. David Mayne: Testimony of Ofc. David Mayne (crime scene photographer and collector of the blood-stained sock).

Vol 34 – Ofc. David Mayne – Ofc. Charles Hamilton – Okie Williams – James Cron: Testimony of Ofc. Mayne (cont’d); Ofc. Charles Hamilton (lifted fingerprints at crime scene); Okie Williams (bank employee who turned down Darin Routier’s loan request); James Cron (principal crime scene investigator).

Vol 35 – James Cron – Halina Czadan: Testimony of James Cron (cont’d) and Halina Czadan (family acquaintance and mother of Barbara Jovell).

Vol 36 – Barbara Jovell – Kathryn Long: Testimony of Barbara Jovell (friend of Darlie) and Kathryn Long (collected blood evidence from crime scene).

Vol 37 – Charles Linch – Judith Floyd voir dire: Testimony of Charles Linch (trace evidence analyst) and voir dire testimony of Judith Floyd (DNA analyst).

Vol 38 – Robert Poole – Judith Floyd – Carolyn Van Winkle – Tom Bevel: Testimony of Robert Poole (tool mark examiner); Judith Floyd (DNA analyst); Carolyn Van Winkle (DNA analyst); and Tom Bevel (bloodstain pattern analyst).

Vol 39 – Tom Bevel: Testimony of Tom Bevel (cont’d).

Vol 40 – Alan Brantley – Sherry Moses – David Rogers – Dana Godfrey – Cara Byford: Testimony of Alan Brantley (FBI profiler); Sherry Moses (first defense witness & Darlie’s aunt); David Rogers (pastor at children’s funeral); Dana Godfrey (friend of Darlie); and Cara Byford (friend of Darlie).

Vol 41 – Julie Clark – Luann Black – Karen Neal: Testimony of Julie Clark (family friend); Luann Black (Darlie’s aunt); and Karen Neal (neighbor, nurse, and family friend).

Vol 42 – Det. Jimmy Ray Patterson – Angelia Rickels – Sarilda Routier – Darin Routier: Testimony of Det. Jimmy Ray Patterson (Rowlett P.D.’s lead detective who pled the Fifth Amendment rather than answer defense questions about bugging of memorial service); Angelia Rickels (victim of attempted break-in the same night as the Routier attack); Sarilda Routier (Darin’s mother); and Darin Routier.

Vol 43 – Darin Routier – Dr. Vincent DiMaio – Dr. Lisa Clayton: Testimony of Darin Routier (cont’d); Dr. Vincent DiMaio (medical examiner); and and Dr. Lisa Clayton (psychiatrist).

Vol 44 – Lloyd Harrell bill of review – Darlie Routier: Testimony of Lloyd Harrell (private investigator prevented from testifying before jury) and Darlie Routier.

Vol 45 – Bill Parker – Dr. Richard Coons: Testimony of Bill Parker (retired police interrogator) and Dr. Richard Coons (forensic psychiatrist).

Vol 46 – Closing Arguments

Vol 47 – Verdict

Vol 48 – Sentencing Testimony

Vol 49 – Sentencing Arguments – Verdict