Below is the prosecution’s diagram of the first floor of the Routier family’s home.  The front door is at the bottom, and the family room where the murders occurred is at the middle left.  Although it is not labeled, the blank space behind the family room and to the left of the garage is the back yard.  The open window with the slashed screen is at the corner where the garage and kitchen meet.

First Floor Layout

This is the state’s map showing whose blood was identified from samples taken at various locations throughout the family room, kitchen, and utility room. Green dots represent Darlie’s blood, yellow dots represent Damon’s, and red dots are for Devon’s.  Dots with multiple colors reflect mixtures of their blood.  The many green dots show Darlie’s movement around the scene between the couch, the two boys, and the kitchen sink.  The two areas where Damon’s blood were identified show his movement from the floor by the couch to where he collapsed near the entrance to the room.  Devon apparently never moved from where he had been sleeping.


Darlie’s call to 911 started at 2:31 am.  Officer David Mayne, the crime scene photographer, testified that he did not begin photographing the interior of the house until after investigator James Cron had conducted his walk-through and declared that there had been no intruder, at around 6:37 am.  Thus, the photos below were taken at least four hours after the murders.

We are not including any graphic photos of Devon, whose body was still at the scene when the first photos were taken.

Family Room


Utility Room